We Are the Lucky Ones

by Bryan W.

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released May 1, 2012

Mastered by Sharon Labor in Phoenix, AZ
Layout by Brendan Porray in Rochester, NY



all rights reserved


Bryan W. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Based Guitarist, Found Performing with:
and lead vocals/guitars with PHOTOGRAPH.

Born in the green & humble mountains of Vermont; Bryan W. is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist currently immersed in life in and out of Chicago, IL. Writing from an honest eye, Bryan W. gathers influence from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s through a modern day perspective.
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Track Name: The Romantic
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
That girl won't give you mercy
She's a dream without a cloud
Brother please just trust me
And let her go right now
You intend but still contend
To be a sucker for a pretty face
Could take you for what you meant
Instead she shred your faith

You could be the meanest outlaw
Or a Lonely Lovesick Fool
You Can search for love
But love-It will find you
Beat your heart against the wall
For those Who Seemed so Far
Infatuation Paces
Makes You Wonder Where You Are

If pride's what makes a man
You can't keep runnin out
Surviving to make amends
You gotta give it all right now
I wish I had the answers
So you could take the world
Its time to cut the cancer
So time can bring your girl
Track Name: The Quicker Always Survive
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
Been on the Run for a long time
Shaped, Diseased to Feed
You better be quick, cuz the Quicker, Always Survives
Thieves parouse the wounded
A tiger eyes the prize
A black heart Bleeds illusions….For a Lip to Bite

Its all Because
All Because of YOU
Live to Feed, Live to Use, Its all been done Before
Cuz Its All,
Yea Its All
Because of YOU

Go and Test the Waters
Sure to See they're Murky
You're all Alone, You're all Alone..….With Nowhere left to Lie.
Preach on Little Dark Shine
Race on in a Long Line
You Better Be Quick, Cuz the Quicker….Always Survives

Its all Because
All Because of YOU
Live to Feed, Live to Use, Its all been done Before
Cuz Its All,
Yea Its All
Because of YOU

Kings Salut the Gods
Knights Defeat the Odds
A Sneer and Weakened Beggar….With No one left to Rob.
Crash Within the Senses
Crease among the Thoughts
Blistered, Scathed, Degraded….Fight to Win But Lost
Track Name: Save Me
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
In the backyard there's always romance
Ya look away but can't replace
Can't seem to look him in the eye
One hour turns into Days
Lost in a tunnel of lust
Crack that safe and hang on
All you knew will turn to dust
Mind's too torn to pick it up

(I Know)
You wanna Live where liven aint so lonely
(Just Go)
You wanna dream where dreaming ain't so haunting
(Save Me)
I wanna lust where no obsession scorns me
Cut these chains away, and somebody's gotta save me

Beat the earth till you reach your senses
Tease your thoughts to make ammends
Faith ain't got nothing to offer
Its the wrongs that right the mess
Futures remain uncertain
Take the day, and make the best
I'll be here for the answers
when you ask can I live like this?
Track Name: Some Things
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson)
I see the start of the world
On the other side of this Land
I know my family and friends are seeing it too
While i'm thinking of them
I paint a picture to you
So between awake N Dreams
I'm facing the edge of the world
A sunrise so pure it feels like mine
I see your day, out there as it begins
And all this While, I wish you could see

"How I wish you were here
These are the best days of your life.
For which i'm never there.
I just wish I could be with you"
I'll tell you darlin-by my recollections
Whether near or far, my home is where you are.

The headlights Seer off the glare of the street signs
I see the flicker and Dance of the city below
Our Burdens surrender with a clash of wire
keeping a flame, I could do this forever

Streamlines and images, are keeping me in a way
I can't remember, not feeling this true
I think alone, cuz I can't seem to feel for you
Blisters and dents, occasions to rise to
I couldn't miss you forever
Track Name: Black Silhouette
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
She cant look her lover in the eye
She's been out with the devil all night
heroin and cocaine has burned up her nose
she can't think straight to save her life
Can't Sleep cuz she's got the feeling
Her kid don't deserve this fight
Girl you gotta make a living
This is no way to make a life

Well its over now, if you Take it back

Baby waits for a minute then she picks up the phone
And calls in for another Day
"Can't stay another minute, I just wanna go home
And I wont be back again"
Aint been a bit sentimental
Just stripped her of her pride
"Goddammit I ain't worth savin
Just lay me down and trace, my black silhouette"

This life is battle
She doesn't matter
Her Face stained to prove the scars
A million spaces
Even more Faces
And look its taken her so very far
Thrown to the sharks
They keep stoppin her heart
And don't end till they leave a mess
Suck the well too dry to swim
So it can all go and happen again
Track Name: Past Lives
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
I dragged a worn out shoebox from under my old bed
haven't seen these things real time since I can't remember when
Girl, we had some good times, i'm sure we won't again
Funny how people love, and in the end, can't be friends
Surroundings change but memories remain
I went back to my hometown, as I'd left its just the same
A few less faces, that place, just knocks em down
But still I find my patience to love that town

I'm Back I'M BACK
Back in time
Lookin' in on Past Lives

Strains of being a young one fighting to make a name
I loved the race it kept me straight, so i guess can't complain
Lost in a nightmare, I know you been there, Its over now
Lookin out for those, my friends, I was lucky to have around

I'm Back I'M BACK
Back in Time
Lookin' in on Past Lives

I joined a rock n roll band, like a danger without an end
I found my way to a lady, n I wont be the same again
I swam the waters, and lived amongst the setting sun
I toast to the greatest wine, as I say……Its just time for One.
Track Name: Burdens
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
I picture you walking down
A dusty country road
After all this emotion
And pain shaped a tone
I knew you had a weight
Constantly on your shoulders
I just wanted to take you away
To make sure you're safe

If you chipped away the stone would your soul be ashes
Will the burdens of your heart keep you this way
If you slipped but didn't fall would your soul be laughing
As the burdens of your heart keep you this way

There's always a question
Haunting you in your mind
Will I ever find an Answer
After all of this time?
Is it me what have I mistaken?
I just want to feel right.
Its not you for being perfect
It not you in my mind

Face the day
Track Name: Icons
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
You reach the final moment of your life
look back to see the faces who made you fight
pride that brings a tear to your eye
here's the time its ok for goodbye
I'm Not here all alone
I got my family and they got me
I may not be going home
That's just the way it has to be

You'll Be, ICONS
I hang these ICONS
I'll Remember you now, Always through a memory
I keep these ICONS with me

I lived the times that taught you history
I made the man who saved your life
I walked in line to shape this country
I held your hand to teach you right


I tell you now, to please not miss me
I loved the time that I had with you
I know you'll shine on for your family
I will be looking out over you

Runnin. Round. With the Angels
Track Name: Free
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
She's gotta face to cure world hunger
And a glance to make a man wince
She's a superstar in breedin
N she'll cure your 7 year itch
Well she tastes like forbidden fruit
Somethin all the gentlemen want
She's got the smoothest skin and legs so thin
Just gonna grin n rattle your thoughts

Well it ain't too sad a story
havin a girl like her a under your arm
theres no goin thru no motions
Every move is meant to charm
Shouldn't be no woman's man
Got enough going in the mix
Baby please don't love me
Just trust you will be missed

Free, yea
Livin, Seein, Feelin'
I'll take you a photograph
So you feel where I'm at
Free, yea
Livin, Seein', Breathin'
Gotta keep movin' on
Beat the storm while it's still calm

Its late and I need a dose
well there ain't one a woman around
We been drivin down the coast
Through the night from town to town
Its right around six am
At the sunrise the day is mine
she keeps feeding me romance
And it helps to pass the time
Track Name: You Must Have Won
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
I put a shiny bullet in his gun
And some pearls around his lady
He cried out the other day, he shout please please take me!
He's been a quitter since time begun

You pull that trigger so your problems wash away

Change is change, but so is tryin'
Can't he see his poor mom and dad?
"Sister Sister, please don't miss me
I'll promise to go fast"
He puts a triumph to his dyin'

You pull that trigger so your problems wash away

If I put that bullet in your gun, would you still feel the same?
Would you look your mother in the face, and tell her of your pain?
Can you compromise all these lives that just wanna keep you safe?
I'm tellin you, It doesn't have to be this way
Track Name: These Words
(by: Bryan A. Wilkinson-all rights reserved)
If There's One thing To remember
Its Reaping what you Sow
And knowing all along, you may not get a thing you want
If i'm not mistaken…here lies a reputation
All this hesitation... just runs you down

If this keeps keepin on…
You'll Be the one Who's All Alone…

So If you Find the Time
To Apologize
I won't still be around
You Turned to Walk Away
This one is clear
Ya didn't have the Heart to Feel that Way

…Now these Words Are off my Chest
Pass the Port I'm not Stopping

These Pockets of Reminders, A New Disease
Get back to the Days; Surviving, Thrill, Dusty Knees
Swim towards the Light, I'm under water
My Eyes are Open Wide, Things are Clear as Crystal Ice


Until you Fade Away
like toys n tricks n vacancies
laying in your bed
You've turned all your Stones
When you feel like nobody's left
That's a brush with what could be
Nobody-Asks to be Branded
Nobody-Asks to be Damaged
And Kept for old and Truth is Told
Make Sure that Heart's worth Aching
Its Pitiful, Its Criminal, n Nothin' seems to be Changing


I won't take anything back
These Words are off my Chest